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The english gay porn star Paddy on the adult paysite MEN

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The slightly mysterious, very atmospheric and incredibly well-made gay porn series, Suite 33 from, continues with part four, again starring Paddy O’Brien, the hot British adult homo model with the rough London accent. This episode starts with Paddy, post-sex with his lover, wanting to tell a naughty story. As they kiss and caress he slips into flashback mode and we find him with chiselled hunk Goran, a tattooed bodybuilder last seen working for on Drill My Hole in 2013. Paddy tells us about this naughty game he used to play called ‘Follow Me’ as he leads Goran off into sensual sex.

The thing about Suite 33 is that it is not about gratuitous hardcore fucking, there is plenty of that and brilliantly filmed of course, but there is nothing gratuitous about it. These movies are for couples watching together, to turn down the light, set the mood and listen to the natural sounds of two fit and handsome men making love. Here we have Paddy and Goran imitating each other, Paddy stroking Goran’s body and the other guy doing exactly the same as he follows his every move. Their fingers run gently over muscles, feeling the strength of their bodies caged behind taught, smooth skin, feeling the power behind the toned muscle and exploring each other, with their eyes closed, in a slow, erotic way.

One of the best movies from MEN dot com

Fingers are replaced by lips and the guys kiss, but not just on the mouth, they travel down each other with their warm lips, tasting and seeking, finding new ways to give each other pleasure, until their lips meet the hard and ready cocks. Goran the mighty muscle starts with his mouth around Paddy’s long shaft and works it slowly, savouring every sensation. Paddy then gives Goran’s hard ass the same kind of treatment, licking and sucking on his asshole as the big guy lies prone on the bed.

And then the two move in to new positions and Gorans’ ass opens up for Paddy’s cock, letting the British guy fuck him, first this way and then that, as the scene turns from erotic foreplay to sensuous love making to hardcore anal. But still it is all about kissing and pleasure and caring for each other in a sensitive, sexy way. Sure the sounds are there and the angles and the close-ups and the heavy breathing, the cocks drilling ass, the bodies heaving against each other as the guys build towards orgasm. And even then they kiss and feel, stroke and touch as they come down from ecstasy at the end of what is a truly erotic and passionate, natural gay porn scene from MEN.

Jessy Ares

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Jessy Ares is one incredible sexy stud. He was born in Munich, Bavaria and he is the prototype of the perfect man. He had an impressive swimmer’s physique during his early adult movie career, but he now has a muscular physique that would make Arnold Schwarzenegger blush. Standing at six feet tall, Jesse has hair all over his body. He is a versatile top with a thick seven and a half-inch dick. His ass looks like it is made out of solid concrete.

Jessy tried his luck with modeling, but he became frustrated with the one minute kissing and back stabbing routine. His ambition to take on more challenging projects prompted him to move into porn work and work with “Titan”.

Unlike some other adult movie stars, Jessy has a laid-back demeanor. His pleasant personality makes him easy to work with. Unfortunately, Jessy’s family does not accept his career choice. He stated, “This is the 21st century and we have to accept our sexuality. It’s natural for us to fulfill our sexual urges.” Jessy’s strength has helped him overcome many obstacles in life.

Kaydin Bennett doing another scene for Next Door Buddies

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closeface‘Next Door Buddies’ brings you am amazing narcissistic fantasy. How many times has someone told you to go and fuck yourself? None? You’re lucky then. Seriously, what would it be like to fuck yourself, especially the old you, the one that hasn’t put on that extra weight, the younger fitter you. What would it be like to taste your own cock, eat out your own ass, and even to feel exactly how tight an asshole you actually do have? It is an interesting, and exciting fantasy either way.
Gorgeous blonde hunk Kaydin Bennett is moving out of his apartment. He has lived there for ten years and is now leaving. He has a one last box of tricks to take away and then he is finished with this apartment for good. He see a photograph of himself shot the very day he had moved in. he looks at it and remembers that day. He admires how good he used to look, and all the good times he has had in this old apartment. He wonders what it would be like to travel back in time ten years ago and to get the chance to fuck his firm young body. He feels himself getting an erection just thinking how his tight ass must feel with his own cock rammed tight up it. He closes his eyes and makes a wish.
Kaydin Bennett is one of the hottest properties in the porn industry at the moment and he works exclusively for Next Door Buddies. He is six foot one with a powerfully built body covered in colourful, and tasteful tattoos. He has gentle blue eyes and a seven inch, much sought after, cock. He says he is a top, but he has been known to be a bottom now and then, as in ‘Tour of Duty part 1’ when he gets that muscular ass fucked by Zeb Atlas, and ‘Scrum part 4’ where he also gets bent over. (By the way, over 55,000 horny men got their tissues out as they watched him get his crack drilled hard by Woody Fox in that scene.) Hey, that’s not a bad claim to fame is it? Kaydin has been in seventy two hardcore scenes to date and still keeps them cuming.
Playing his younger self in this great fantasy is Deviant Otter. These are big shoes to fill but Deviant Otter, even though this is his first movie with, pulls it off perfectly. He does a good job looking like Kaydin into his dick size. The other difference is that he is a couple of inches shorter in height, and he hasn’t as yet built his body up, or got any tattoos which is perfect for Kaydin’s younger self.
The young Kaydin, Deviant Otter, is lying on his bed feeling horny, all of a sudden, is older self appears…
‘Who are you?’ he shouts at Kaydin. Kaydin is as surprised as himself but realizes he has been given his wish. He explains that he is from the future and he is here to fuck himself. Deviant doesn’t understand at first, but Kaydin can persuade anybody to have sex with him without any problem, even his younger self.
Kaydin pulls off Deviant’s pants and sucks his seven inch cut cock. His younger self, ‘Deviant’ is enjoying his mouth at it slides up and down the full length, getting it caked in Kaydin’s saliva. Kaydin is loving having his cock in his mouth but also wants to try more.
‘I wanna eat our ass,’ Kaydin says with a sexy laugh. Deviant gets up and bends over for him. Kaydin looks straight into his own hole, he spreads it open letting its musky aroma fill his nostrils. He feels more and more turned on as he gets his ass all lubed up with his tongue. Deviant Otter stays bent over as Kaydin stands behind him and slides his cock into his tight young asshole. Both the older and younger Kaydin Bennett are more turned in than they have ever been as they fuck themselves harder and harder, losing their minds in their ecstasy.
They turn around and this time Deviant is the one to suck on his older cock and taste his ass. Kaydin gets on his hands and knees and lets Deviant fuck him doggy style. The heat gets turned up and, as Kaydin fucks Deviant one last time, sweat pours down their bodies.
‘I love my cock,’ Deviant shouts as Kaydin pounds his cock in and out of his battered hole. Deviant’s body stiffens and he shoots so much young spunk that some of it goes over his head. Kaydin then steps up and watches as his cum fires from his own cock and over his young eager face. Learn all about Kaydin at twitter

A newer scene with gay pornstar Johnny Rapid

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If you appreciate adult enjoyment with a good storyline, subsequently you’ll appreciate the story and a whole great deal more aided by the conclusion, that is an on-going chronicle from the high top quality site and their particular hardcore anal website called Drill My Hole. The conclusion includes good looking piece Johnny Rapid and good looking Dato Foland, and the two have biochemistry collectively that is rarely grabbed on film.  In component one of these simple brilliant stories, the kids have been tangled up in a battle which has been pulling on for many months, and they sense like they haven’t had any gender or closeness of any sort for centuries.

With all this pent up sexual aggravation something is sure to occur, and as expected, when Johnny and Dato find some time alone with each other they start an intimate relationship nearly instantly. At first, the 2 men are a bit tentative with each other and it’s a bit unexpected as soon as the hotter scenes get under method. Both guys are bulging through their trousers after discovering each other’s mouths along with their tongues, in addition they unzip the shorts and launch them together. Dato requires one glance at johnny rapid men long, heavy and tough member while the drinks begin to circulate inside of their mouth area in expectation of an excellent dick licking.

After a whilst, he rolls Adam straight back upon their back and explodes a enormous load all over his face. The close ups tend to be wonderful, together with penis still buried deep inside Donato’s ass, Johnny shoots his load and subsequently brings his cock away. The two guys finish their own sexual experience, however it leaves you wanting much more. We wish that it is perhaps maybe not the conclusion of the Gallery Date Series, but there’s however certain to end up being even more special movie and material through the professionals of gay pornographic at