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Jack Radley and Rafael Alencar – The best gay pornstars today

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‘Drill My hole’ give you three hard and horny men and twenty six inches worth of rock hard cocks to fast your eyes on and to jerk yourselves off too, thanks to The second episode in this exciting popular series stars, Jack Radley, Rafael Alencar and Zac Stevens is bound to get you going. So, get your tissues out, rub some lube all over your cock and you will be ready to see some great hardcore fantasy porn right in front of your eyes wherever you are, just close the door so that your work co-workers don’t catch you at it.
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Jack Radley plays the neighbor’s son and he is hot for a big hard thick cock and to have a wild threesome, and when Jack wants something, it’s hard to say no to as he flutters his big eye lashes at you. Jack takes his college friend, eighteen year old Zac Stevens to his neighbor’s house to show him how big his cock really is. His neighbor is Rafael Alencar and he has an eleven and a half inch cock and Jack can’t wait to get his lips around his cock once more. Rafael isn’t too pleased to Jack at his house, and he doesn’t like the fact that he has bought a friend. H acts nervous as Jack is being loud outside telling his friend what a big cock Rafael has. He is worried that the neighbor’s will hear, or that his wife may come home any minute. This doesn’t deter Jack, Jack pushes himself, and Zac into his house, and onto his bed. Rafael feels his cock getting hard at the thought of it, but tells Jack and Zac to start off on each other first, so that he can watch.
Jack and Zac start kissing and stroking each other in front of him which turns him on. Jack looks back at Rafael who is stroking on his own cock through his long pants and jack asks him if he is excited. Rafael likes the look of the two young men and tells Jack that h wants to see his friend’s ass first before he gets his cock out.
Zac pulls his pants down and gets on the bed on his hands and knees. His ass is awesome and Rafael asks him if he has ever been fucked before as he is worried that he won’t be able to take his huge dick. Zac says yes and goes over to him and gets on his knees in front of him. At long last Rafael gets his enormous cock out and as Jack sits watching them on the bed, Zac starts to suck Rafael’s dick. Rafael can’t believe how good Zac is at cock sucking for one so young. Jack gets more and more excited as he watches the two at it right in front of his eyes, and it isn’t long before Jack is on his knees next to Zac and they are taking it in turns to suck on Rafael’s cock and ball sack.
front1Zac then gets on the bed on his hands and knees and sucks on Jacks eight inch cock whilst Rafael gets behind him and slides his cock up and down between Zac’s butt cheeks letting him feel about what is going to happen. Rafael then nudges his cock directly against Zac’s asshole and slowly, inch by inch he slides his cock in. Zac asks him to go slowly as he feels his asshole threatening to rip wide open. Once his cock is all the way in Rafael fucks him hard which makes him scream out with a mixture of pain and ecstasy. Rafael smacks his ass a few times and tells him to carry on sucking Jack’s cock.
It’s Jack’s turn to squeal out loud as they change positions and as Jack gets fucked by this monster cock, Zac is underneath him sucking on his cock and watching him getting fucked as he sucks on Zac’s cock at the same time. Jack Radley then gets fucked in the missionary position and both him and Zac Stevens cum over his body and his asshole carries on getting tortured by Rafael Alencar’s invading cock. Both Jack and Zac then get on their knees and get rewarded with Rafael’s hot juicy spunk as it sprays over the young faces and waiting tongues.
Jack Radley is a cute young man with an innocent look and a smooth chest. He is a versatile bottom and has an eight inch cut cock. He has brown hair, hazel eyes and is five feet eleven inches tall.
Rafael Alencar is a mature man and a great daddy figure. He is a versatile top and has a fantastic eleven and a half inch uncut dick. He has jet black hair, hazel eyes and is five foot eight inches tall. Learn more about him via his facebook page – click here
Zac Stevens is a cute smooth eighteen year old young man. He is versatile and has a six and a half inch cock and loves to get his asshole crammed full with a big hard cock. He has black hair, sea blue eyes and is five foot seven inches.

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Str8 To Homosexual enjoys showing sexy, straight male models participating in a few actually hardcore gay sex views. In system dual they normally use two enormous, gorgeous, straight dudes with similar bodies and develops to make a play on the name regarding the movie. Rafael Alencar and Ty Roderick both have facial hair, even though Rafael keeps his beard trimmed and formed, while Ty allows their grow wild. Both dudes are awesome fit and tall, and incredibly functional when considering to gender. The cruising reasons are through the forests. Both men are cut, but Ty features an tremendous 9.5 inch cock that appears to go in forever. nbsp;These guys know just what they desire and it doesn’t take long before Jace features Rafael’s eight inch dick away from their jeans and into their mouth.

The shot begins with all the dudes reading by way of a script. Ty isn’t delighted as it is a homosexual narrative that requires no ladies; he’s not happy to be filming a gay scene. Disquieted, he wants to call his broker and right back from this movie, but Rafael Alencar – click here for – calms him down and explains that this picture could make-or-break their jobs. He speaks Ty into performing the picture and says the girls should rehearse the scene. With that, Rafael and Ty begin training, starting with kissing. Given that they are already dressed in just their particular dressing gowns and underwear, Rafael wastes no time at all in acquiring Ty nude. Rafael requires that beast cock in to his lips while getting rid of his very own garments and showing his very own penis standing at attention. Rafael fondly offers Ty a blow-job that appears to get on forever: first they’re standing up, next they can be to the couch trying out one place after another. Subsequently Ty decides to come back the favor and it is quickly deep throating Rafaels dense, tough shaft.

On great turn warrants another and Ron gets to bourbon on Rafael#8217;s bum. Rafael gets some sluggish and strong fucking in the sitting room into the latest positions potential. The brand new guy is definitely a suitable bang along with Rick in the photo, this really is certainly one of the most striking first time performances. In this string, the consist of all of the proper noises to get you addicted. You notice the sounds of flesh slapping together with groans and gasping. To cover things up, Rafael cums as he is still getting fucked and Ricky shoots his load all over Rafael#8217;s body. It’s apparent that we’ll be seeing a great deal more of the brand-new man in more serious films. enjoy more wonderful gay porn tube at