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Final story with these two hot stars

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Colby Keller and Girth Brooks are both relative newcomers to the heady and horny world of, but they team up brilliantly in this scene from Big Dicks At School. The guys have made a few scenes for the company, so they are relaxed and natural in front of the camera, and they are matched up well in ‘Sex Tape 101.’ Girth Brooks is a dark-haired and cut versatile guy while Colby Keller is a brown haired cut top with a nine inch cock. In this scene Girth Brooks is trying to study (as this site takes college and school as its sexual playground) but Colby Keller is more interested in filming with his new video cam.

The scene starts off like a home movie with the filming coming from the camera that Colby Keller is holding – nice close-ups of sexy and rather cute Girth Brooks included – and then he turns it on himself. Rather, he turns it on the two of the as they start kissing. Thoughts and action turn to the making of a sex tape now and the scene cuts nicely between the two cameras. The one the film crew are using and the one that the cast is holding. It works brilliantly and also cuts between colour and black and white, which is pretty unusual to see.

So, the POV action carries on with preppie boy Girth Brooks sucking Colby Keller’s long cock and then the guys swapping around and Colby Keller taking the other guys’ hard dick in his own mouth. After a while though the guys forget their camera and start pleasuring themselves on the sofa, fully naked and up for some serious fucking. Girth Brooks offers his cute backside and Colby Keller wastes no time in splitting it with his stiff cock. Girth Brooks can’t believe how fat and long it is, his mouth drops open in surprise and wonder as he gets shafted hard from behind, over the arm of the sofa. He lets Colby Keller take him in other positions as well, on his back so he can watch that shaft diving deeper into his butt, his legs up, his face still a picture of awe and surprise.

Girth Brooks sits over that cock and jerks his own meat as his partner enters him from underneath, lifting him up for the couch with every thrust. And Girth Brooks is still riding Colby Keller’s dick as he cums, squirting his juice out all over his partner’s chest. And then, to bring us back to where we started, he grabs the video cam and records Colby Keller jerking his lengthy meat and splattering his stomach. The guys kiss, catching themselves on camera as they go to the final fade.

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