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Colby Keller at Gods Of Men with Girth Brooks

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Of all the Men dot com sites, and there are a few in the network as you probably know, Gods Of Men is the one that seems to update the least. There is a very good reason for this and the clue is in the title. Most of the Colby Keller models at this pay site are hot and hunky and studly and fit, butch, hard, powerful, godlike, sexy, you name it they are it. And that more or less goes for the twinks and jocks too, in their own kinds of ways. So, it would be very easy for them to make a two-way hardcore scene with two of their special models and then think, ‘That’s a Gods Of Men scene’, and add it to that site. But then every single scene made with the butch guys would be a GoM scene and so the site would become saturated. So what they do is wait until they have two particular guys and some great chemistry and then add the scene.

And that’s what we have here with new good Colby Keller and slightly more experienced model Dale Cooper. In this scene, Rise and Grind, we have to very similar looking guys: muscles, beards, fit bodies and they preform what is actually a pretty simple scene. There’s no great premise, just hot hard sex. The guys wake up in the morning and they are up and ready for sex. But this is not gratuitous sex, this is slow and passionate, loving and real. This is where the chemistry comes in and you can smell it as you watch the action slowly unfold.

This is done in what you could argue is a standard format, or progression: kiss, suck, swap, fuck, cum but somehow to describing it like the doesn’t seem right, it doesn’t do justice to a great scene with Girth Brooks. As usual we have good filming and nice sound, natural in this case, and the action moves along at a good pace. Girth Brooks and Colby Keller suck on the bed, they kiss loads, there are plenty of chances for us to see and admire their big, strong dicks as the oral runs on until around 15 minutes. Then the ass play takes over with some erotic rimming before the guys make love with real and deep penetration.

This carries on until the end of the scene and Colby Keller are generous with each other during it, making sure they give their partner the same pleasures as they are receiving. Everything is equal and everything is natural in this scene, including the spunky cum shots and the cooling off period afterwards. It’s because if the sensitivity of the making of movies like this one with the best man Girth Brooks that they are reserved for Gods of Men.

Great scene from Men Of UK with Colby Keller and Girth Brooks

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We last saw Colby Keller about a week ago in the dog house. Or rather, in ‘In the dog house’ a movie from The Gay Office. Here we have him in a scene for Men Of UK, part of the same excellent network of sites called that you can join. When you sign up for one you get access to all their sites and they put out a new and exclusive hardcore movie every day. It’s a great deal and there is a vast stock of movies already in the network. So, today’s movie is called ‘Jerking on the job’ and it stars six-footer, uncut, eight-incher, heartthrob Keller, alongside Girth Brooks. He’s a tattooed pierced and hunky stud also with eight inches uncut, and here he is making his fourth appearance for the company, and his third for Men Of UK.

This movie starts with a title ‘the Gay Office Episode One’ which a bit odd as the site lists the movies as being one of the MOUK collection. Never mind, it opens with Girth Brooks at work, cute in a white shirt and black tie, and he’s emailing his colleague Colby Keller (across the room, I mean you could just talk to him!) about work. But Colby is actually browsing his way through instead of working. A bit later he is happily jerking away to the hot video on screen when Girth comes back and catches him out. His anger only lasts a moment and he’s soon suggesting dirty things take place in the office.

They do, and soon the guys are kissing and stripping down and Colby is feasting on Girth Brooks’s hard, long cock. There’s plenty of kissing and erotic nipple play in this first half of this movie, Brooks has both nipples pierced and Colby Keller spends quality time with them before he gets his cock serviced by the boss’ mouth. But you know how it is when you have a horny boss and a desk, he just can’t help but screw the office junior over it, and soon enough we’re into hardcore humping heaven as studly Girth takes jerking Colby from behind. But it doesn’t stop there, he gets him to sit on his length and take it all the way in, he gets him on his back and plunges up to his nuts, then he fingers him, sucks him, we get right in close on this anal action, and then he bends him over again and slams into him, over and over again. The guys finally bring themselves off over each other and some kind of normality can return to the office again.

Mind you, I don’t think that punishment will do anything to stop the naughty office junior jerking off at work again.

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